Customer Service

If you use the company’s many products or visit its various websites, you will almost certainly need to contact customer service for assistance at some point. However, the QVC Group has a number of procedures in place to help you get in touch with a customer service specialist right away.


The Q Card is one such service that QVC offers its customers. If you already have your QVC credit card, managing it online will be easy after reading this article.


QVC Card Customer Service Contact Details

  • 877-49001787: Payments and support with QCard
  • 800-367-9444: Customer service phone.
  • 1-800-367-9444: QVC Customer Service
  • 800-345-1212: Automated ordering
  • 8883455788:
  • 800-328-0890: in Spanish
  • 800-544-3316: TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)Qvc-Credit-Card-Customer-Service
  • 888-345-5788: The QVC Group
  • 1-800-933-2887: Order HSN Online
  • 1-800-284-3900: Ordering by phone
  • (877) 779-5615: zulily
  • 800-536-7551: Ballard Cornerstone Projects
  • (888) 263.9850: front door
  • 800.870.3513: Garnet Hill
  • 1-866-668-5962: Grandin St.
  • 1-800-634-9484: Improvements

To report a lost QVC credit card, call (800) 367-9444. You will receive a replacement card from the issuer once it is canceled. The same applies if your card is stolen or used without your permission.

You cannot purchase a gift card with your QVC credit card. This is a loyalty card that can only be used for purchases online, over the phone and in the QVC store. For this reason, the QVC Credit Card does not belong to any of the major card networks.

It is important to note that the QVC credit card must have a minimum credit score of 640. This means that the QVC credit card must necessarily have a fair or better credit history in order to be approved.